A. Lean System

. Historical development of lean system
. Lean conversion steps
. Strategic change
. Value and Waste (MUDA, MURA, MURI)
. Prevention culture,
. 14 principles of management in Toyota
. HOSHIN KANRI - strategic planning

B. Lean Techniques

. JIT (just in time) and JIDOKA (zero defect)
. VSM value stream mapping
. KANBAN, KANBAN with Supplier
. HEIJUNKA levelling
. Kaizen and Kaikaku Kaizen
. 5S and visual inspection, visual factory
. Standardization, precaution and how to obtain it
. On-the-job training system (OJT)
. Using technology in Toyota principles

C. Leadership and Teamwork

. Leadership and teamwork
. Build and manage high performance teams
. Genchi genbutsu, going to the source of the problem
. Decision-making and reconciliation culture with nemawashi
. Continuous improvement kaizen and hansei principles
. How should be the company proposal system? (CIP)
. Relationship with stakeholders and supplier development


Duration of training is 1 day (8 hours).

What would you learn?

The Toyota Production System's principles are mentioned in the name of Toyotan's long-standing success. In this seminar, you will learn to look at "Lean processes", "Total system construction", "Continuity of productivity in product or service production" and "Continuous improvement" the way Toyota Production System. The costs of production and logistics are greatly reduced and productivity is rapidly increased by the implementation of the "lean production system". Production processes are becoming systematic, streaming and interface requirements are reducing.  Your organisation transparency and strength and this forms long term success.

Who should attend?

This program is specifically designed to show senior executives, functional leaders and executive change agents the individual and organizational adjustments in culture, behaviours and thinking needed to successfully sustain their improvement efforts

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