· Definition of lean production system

· Push and pull system advantages / disadvantages

· Value, flow and waste

· Material flow and information flow

. Product groups and building product groups according to machines / process

· Creating current state value stream map

· Determination of base wastes and lean solutions

· Road map to implement lean system, future state value stream map

· Building pull system

· Supermarkets for shop floor 

· Kanban applications

· Implementation plan - workshop


Duration of training is 2 days (16 hours)

What would you learn?

Attendees would learn how to create a current state and future state value stream map. In addition after training they will gain the ability to see wastes. It is vital for companies which want to implement lean system into their shop floor. 

Attendees would learn creating, interpreting value stream maps and distinguishing difference between value and wastes from created maps. They will be to be able to identify problems in maps. They can create road map to implement lean system as well.

Who should attend?

Senior executives, functional leaders and executives, change agents the individual in organization, sales persons, inventory management persons, technical teams.

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