· What is TPM and it's benefit?

· What is autonomous maintenance? (JISHU HOZEN)

· 5S and TPM, using each other.

· Measuring machineries' efficiency. (Overall equipment efficiency OEE).

· Detection of losses on the machine. What are general problems.

· TPM tools.

· TPM Work-shop

· Creating daily, weekly and monthly maintenance plan

· Preventive and planned maintenance. From repairing to preventive maintenance.

. Equipment management


Duration of theoretical training is 1 day (8 hours), practical training (including 1 machine implementation) 5 days (40 hours)

What would you learn?

Nowadays, much of the product costs are due to machinery and machine-related expenses. The most important of these is that the machine efficiency is low. Mostly in companies efficiency is evelutaited by proportioning to a calculated capacity. However, the investor buys the machine by looking at it's production values in the unit time and wants the machine works closely that values. This is possible only by ensuring that the machine remains in its best condition throughout its economic life.

The purpose of this training is to teach the methodology in order to ensure that this is done at the lowest cost and with the least losses during production.

Who should attend?

Maintenance team, production team, production leaders, engineers, technicians, workers, formens

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