· The aim of poka-yoke

. Term of zero defects

· Instead of correction, prevention culture

· 7 MUDA (waste) and their reasons

· Failure, why we do fail?

· Poka-yoke techniques

· Basic tools, techniques

. Poka-yoke during development

· Deployment of poka-yoke applications

. Poka-yoke examples from environment

. Real poka-yoke examples

. Workshop


Duration for theoretical training 1 day (8 hours) 

Duration for practical training 5 days (40 hours)

What would you learn?

Famous Toyota engineer Shingeo Shingo is founder of poka-yoke system. Poka-yoke means failure prevention.  In this training you will lern how to create prevention culture in your company.  Main idea is every wastes comes from a FAILURE, if we examine failure and prevent them then we can achieve zero defect.

Who should attend?

People from all department and level of company.

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