· New approaches to profitability and costs.

· Identification of lean manufacturing system and its components

· 7 MUDA (waste) and their reasons

· 6 Basic kaizen rules

· Kaizen implementation steps

· Kaizen forms and usage

. Preparations that should be done before Kaizen event.

· Kaizen organization

. Annual kaizen plan

. Kaizen practices and personnel management

. Company information sharing system and single point lessons


Duration for theoretical training 1 day (8 hours) 

Duration for practical training 5 days (40 hours)

What would you learn?

You will lern how to create continuous improvement culture in your company. Kaizen means that improvement is always possible, that is what you get from practical kaizen events as well. Every body can involve kaizen events and make his life better. You will learn how to achieve this in your company.

Nowadays costs, quality, service level, flexibility are much more important ever before. Companies which has these competences can continue to improve their business others will be disappeared from market. 


As a result of these developments, there is a necessity to constantly improvement cultures in companies. With this training you will learn how to make your employee move to improve their daily life and your company.

Who should attend?

People from all department and level of company.


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