· What is lean system?

· Pull vs. push system. Differences between them.

· Advantages of pull system.

. Applications of pull system.

· What is kanban?

· Kanban types?

· Kanban applications?

· Supermarkets in-line

· Kanban calculations, stock level, kanban level, production lead time.

· Kanban cards. Managing kanban cards. 

. Example kanban systems (see. kanban example application)


Duration of training 2 days (16 hours).

What would you learn?

This training will be served with a kanban simulation with your real order and production data. You will learn how to build a pull system, flow and kanban. How to manage kanban and managing production due to kanban, managing logistic system due  to kanban.  Simulation makes attendees to understand kanban system better. So they can easily implement it in their area. 

Who should attend?

People form management level, planning department, logistics, project department, business development, production control, purchasing, method engineering and other department who is interested in kanban.

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