· Just In Time production

. Definition of JIDOKA and it's principles

· 3 main element of jidoka

· Applications

· Separation of human work and machine work

· Hanadashi and prevention of machine loading losses

· Quality control types, advantages and disadvantages

. Zero defect an zero quality control

· Zero quality control elements

. DEMING cycle and JIDOKA application

. 100% control applications


Duration for theoretical training 1 day (8 hours)

What would you learn?

The aim of jidoka training, one of the most important elements of the lean production system, is to make "zero" waste in enterprises. The reason of wastes in production is failures in the process. If we avoid failures in the process so we avoid wastes as well. This is the principle of JIDOKA. You will learn to establish jidoka system in your area.  

Who should attend?

People from production, maintenance, quality control and other production related departments. 

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