• Value stream mapping, value stream design
  • Pull system and kanban system basics
  • Internal kanban, production kanban
  • Internal milk-run
  • Packaging standards
  • Kanban with suppliers
  • Milk-run with suppliers
  • Levelling from order to delivery Heijunka
  • Inventory turnover, calculation, reporting



Duration of training is 1 day (8 hours)

What would you learn?

It is a training that teaches an overview of the work to be done in order to use the logistics system in lean manufacturing. Establishment of pull system, establishment of in-house and supplier kanban systems. Establishment of In-house milk run, supplier milk run system and making the necessary calculations correctly. The most important feature is the understanding of the bases of the heijunka system.

Who should attend?

Employee from management and operation stages of the companies, planning responsibilities, logistics, project, business development, production control, procurement, warehouse operation, business planning, method engineering, and managers who aim to develop their careers in these fields.

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